We offer agisting services in a beautiful, caring and nourishing environment on our 90 acre farm.  Our primary focus is maintaining healthy, happy alpacas through proper nutrition and best practice management.   An ample number of pastures enable us to rotate the alpacas, allowing for the revitalization of the grasses in order to create a healthier environment.  The "pass-through" health areas of the farm are a practical and efficient method of weighing and providing maintenance care for the alpacas in a calm setting.  

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Our basic rates include:

-Excellent nutrition including custom grain, minerals, and our own farm grown alpaca specific hay. Fresh water is provided daily.

-Spacious all-weather barns provide shelter from both cold and heat.

-Regular monitoring of weights and health status as well as detailed record keeping on every alpaca. Owner notified immediately of significant changes.

-On-site fecal screening on arrivals and as needed. Medication dispensed only when necessary.

-Animals receive a health care protocol in line with the current industry standard including  regular preventative de-worming, annual CDT vaccinations, and toenail and teeth trimming as needed.

-Close monitoring of pregnant females with experienced staff on hand for deliveries.

-Reasonable rates for additional services such as shearing, halter training, and veterinary visits

Sales, mentoring, and breeding services also available.

Phone: 717 673 2542 or 717 673 2539
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